Hallowtide Sangria

This red sangria is the perfect drink to celebrate Hallowtide, a three day celebration. It includes Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  In Mexico, it is also...

Irish Soul Cakes

Soul Cakes are the traditional trick or treat goody. Irish peasants would go door to door on All Hallows Eve and beg for a Soul Cake.

Lemon Pound Cake

Every good cook should have one recipe that they have up their sleeve to wow guests and this is mine. I love everything lemon and this is no exception. 

Peanut Pesto

A cold snap has jeopardized my basil plants from my veggie garden this year. This is how I take care of that. 

Saint Teresa of Avila and Paella

While this classic Spanish dish Paella, originated as a ordinary farmers work lunch, this version is far from ordinary. I cant think of a better way to honor Saint...

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Today is the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. According to American Catholic, early in the fourth century St. Helena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, went...

Keto Deviled Ham

Back in the day my mom had this hand cranked grinder. It was attached to the side of the table and you put a big bowl under it to...