Sausage and Red Lentils

Did you know lentils are one of the oldest foods on the planet?

It is believed they were eaten as far back as 7000 BC. It is no wonder, lentils are full of protein, fiber and potassium.  Yes, these round legumes go back to biblical times.

In ancient times it was believed they were served to mourners. It was thought that they represented life because they were round with no beginning or ending. The bible tells of a dish made with red lentils that was so tempting Esau sold his birthright to his brother for it. When I read it in Genesis, I thought that must have been one fantastic dish.  Flash forward to today. There are so many varieties of lentils it is hard to keep count. Whole Foods  has a whole section  devoted to dry lentils.

As a Catholic, I know that lentils are often cooked during our Lenten season. I suspect the reason is because they are so economical and cost less than the seafood often associated with Lent. Which brings me to my dish. This is very easy to make and boy is it filling. You could substitute just about any vegetable for the sausage or you could do as I have and use the Beyond sausage or vegan sausage found at most grocery stores.


1 pkg beyond sausage



Peace be with you,