Saint Nicholas and cookies

There really was a St Nicholas and today is his feast day. He is primarily the Patron Saint of Children among other things.

He is known by many names, in Germany they call him Kris Kringle. In Peru it is Papa Noel. In England it is Father Christmas, in other parts of Europe he is known as St. Nicholas. In India it is Santa Claus Baba.
Here he is known as plain old Santa.
He was born to wealthy Christian parents in Asia minor known today as Turkey. He was young when his parents died and he gave away much of his fortune to the sick and poor. He was persecuted and put in prison for his religious beliefs, but managed to still help the poor children.
The legend goes that St Nicholas knew a man that was so poor he couldn’t support his three daughters. They were doomed a life of sin as prostitutes. St. Nicholas wouldn’t allow that to happen, so he secretly threw three bags of gold through the mans window into his home. Hence providing a dowry for his daughters. It is believed that two of the bags landed in the stockings drying by the fire. It is believed that is where the idea of stocking stuffers came from.
For today, his feast day and Christmas Eve, St Nicholas (Santa Claus) should be left a glass of milk, a carrot for his reindeer and a cookie to nibble on.

 This is a great reason to start our holiday cookie baking. Here are a few of my favorites.

Lace Cookies

Chocolate dipped Madelines 

No Bake Cookies aka preacher cookies 

Double Chocolate Kringle Cookies

Lemon Poppyseed 


Peace be with you,