Carnitas for Juan Diego

These Mexican Carnitas are melt in your mouth good. It is a perfect meal for the feast day of Juan Diego.


┬áToday is Juan Diego’s feast day he was born in 1474 20 miles north of Tenochtitlan now known as Mexico City.

On December 9 1531 while Juan was walking his fifteen mile trek to daily mass, he passed Tepeyac hill where he heard music and saw a vision of a beautiful woman. She said he was the Virgin Mary. She instructed Juan to go to the Bishop and tell him to build a church on that exact spot.

After hearing Juan’s story, the Bishop was a bit skeptical and asked for proof.


While Juan was on his way to find the Virgin Mary he got word that his uncle was dying. He hurried home and on his way the Virgin Mary met him on his path to his uncles. She told him that he was cured.

She instructed Juan to go back to the hill where they first met. At the top of the hill in the frozen snow he found a rose bush growing. He cut a bunch of flowers and wrapped them in his cloak for safe keeping.

He gets back to the Bishop and tells him what happened. He opens his cloak and the roses fall to the ground. The Bishop notices the image of the virgin Mary imprinted inside Juan’s cloak.

This was enough evidence for the Bishop to build the church which is now known as The Basilica of Guadalupe.

Juan was allowed to live the rest of his life in a small hut near the chapel with the Bishops permission

He died on May 30, 1548 at the age of 74. He was buried in the first chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe.



3 lbs pork shoulder cut into cubes

1/2 cup white vinegar

2 tablespoons brown sugar

6 cloves garlic

1 teaspoon cumin

1 tablespoon salt


Put the pork into a large dutch oven. Add vinegar, sugar, garlic cumin and salt. Cover with just enough water to cover the meat. Bring to a boil and simmer for 2 hours. Crank up the heat to medium high and continue to cook another hour; stirring occasionally until all the fat is rendered from the meat. Once it is browned on all sides it is done.

Peace be with you,