Two Pack Pot Roast

This is one of those recipes that is easy ridiculous and oh so good. You need to make this and watch your family rave about it.

This is one of those ooops I forgot a ingredient because I made it when I was half asleep deal. It totally works.

Here is what happened.

For Christmas we all decided we would get together over my sister-in-law Mary’s house for Christmas eve. So when Mary helped clean my house for Thanksgiving I decided to return the favor and just cook at her house for Christmas.

Trust me it is a win win situation for everyone involved. I love to cook and not clean, she loves to clean and not cook. This recipe needs to be in the slow cooker for at least 8 hours on low. I have tried it 4 hours on high it just does not work for me. So Christmas eve I got up at 5 am and threw this puppy together and got it going so it would be ready when we settled down at Mary’s. The idea was cook for 4 hours at my house and bring it to Marys to cook another 4 hours.

That is what I did except it cooked a bit longer at Mary’s it cooked a bit longer. I think about 6 hours.  I just set it in the corner and cooked the rest of the food. I then chunked it up and set it on the table with everything else. People went crazy over this.  I forgot the pepperonicni, but people still went crazy over it. It is now my go to pot roast recipe.

Two Pack Pot Roast


1 pack of Au Jus Mix or Gravy mix by McCormick

1 pack Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

1 whole stick of butter (I prefer unsalted)


In a slow cooker place place your roast in the bottom. Sprinkle the Au Jus mix and the Ranch. Place a stick of butter on the top. Place lid on top and cook on low for 8-10 hours.

NOTE: I tried to speed up the process by cooking it on high for 4 hours and it was good but not as fall apart tender it gets when it is cooked low and slow.

Peace be with you,