Memorial Weekend Feast

Now that our Memorial Weekend is off and running, I thought I would share with you a few of the things my family will be enjoying this weekend.

First off, Lets start with the main dish. Yes, you could have burgers, but why not make a  Grilled London Broil. It is pretty easy and delicious!


Now that we have the main dish decided lets start making some sides shall we? I like to make something easy that can sit in the fridge and all we have to do is take it out and enjoy it. So how about some Coleslaw? It is easy peasy.


While you are grilling the steak, let’s make some Grilled Corn shall we? This is easy because you can prep it a day or two before you grill it. That way you can sit and have fun with your friends.

grilled corn 033

No self respecting person would have a cookout without a Deviled Eggs now would they?

eggs 013

Who doesn’t love a good Guacamole? You do have to make this the same day that you are having the party. It is fine to make this the day of, you have so much time because you got everything else ready the day before.


So let’s get started on the drinks. I love Sangria. You can stretch a bottle of wine and make a big batch. Everyone can enjoy it and you have to make it the night before.


So let’s make some homemade Ice Cream for dessert. Who doesn’t love a good Homemade Ice Cream? This Nutmeg Ice Cream fits the bill.

nutmeg ice cream 010

So there you have it, a Memorial Day that would make anyone proud!

Peace be with you,