Easy Freezer Meals

Make the most of your kitchen allie, the freezer.  With some plan ahead techniques and tricks, we have some tried and true recipes you can make ahead and freeze in no time flat. Yes you to can have a freezer full of  make ahead meals that will take no time to make on those busy nights when you are in a time crunch. So skip the drive through, go home and bake up some love. Your family and your wallet with thank you.


The trick is to cook a big batch and divide up the meal into two or three servings.

Choose freezer foods that are great for freezing. Some foods freeze better than others. Casseroles, stews, chili and some meats all  are suited for the freezer

To keep food born pathogens at bay cool freshly made dishes quickly as possible. To chill soups quickly poor into a metal bowl and then put in the refrigerator.

To avoid freezer burn store foods in small serving containers less than one quart size. Soups , stews, and other liquid foods can be put in a zip lock bag and stored flat to freeze quickly. Make sure you remove the air from the bags before freezing.

Stuffed Shells

Leftover Turkey Gumbo


Burito Bake

Cheese and Mushroom Quiche

Sloppy Joe Vegetarian Style


Chicken Enchilada Casserole

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