Tomato Bruschetta

You know you are a foodie when you have three different salts in your cabinets.  I have the old standby kosher, it is the proverbial black dress of the culinary world.  Just like the black dress, it goes well with just about everything.
I have a gray sea salt. It is French and it is called Fleur de Sel. It goes well with lots of food. Generally I add it when I am finished cooking. It tastes softer than the kosher. Not better, just different.
Currently my favorite is the Himalayan pink salt the hubster picked up for me at of all places Costco. Yep, I love this stuff. It is different than the kosher and sea salt.
Which brings me to the recipe I am featuring.  These tomatoes are not from my garden, my tomato plants Did not make it this year. Neither did my cucumbers so I am relying on my family and friends to deliver.
Boy have they delivered. I have a huge basket of tomatoes cucumbers and all kinds of peppers.
So, not only have I made this yummy summer dish, I have a few tomatoes and cucumbers left over to make my Garden Salsa and bread and butter pickles.

Tomato Bruschetta


4 medium tomatoes

1/2 small Vidalia onion diced

1 teaspoon Himalayan Pink Sea Salt or Kosher

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/4 cup basil leaves chopped fine

1/4 cup olive oil plus more for toasting bread

French bread slices


Dice the tomatoes and add to a medium bowl. Add onions, salt, pepper and basil. Add olive oil. Allow to sit for at least 30 minutes for the flavors to combine.

For the bread, slice and serve as is, or brush with oil and grill in a pan until golden brown. Top with tomato mixture and serve.