Tasty Thai Burger

This Tasty Thai Burger is full of Asian flavor. It will soon be your favorite back yard burger.


Where this epic Tasty Thai burger creation is my own for #BurgerMonth 2016, I would love to thank Certified Angus Beef® brand, Char-broil, KitchenIQ, Cabot Cheese, Grill Master Club, American Lamb Board, Cowboy Charcoal and CuttingBoard.com for the kick butt grill prize

Each year my blogger friend Kita from Girl Carnivore  and Pass the Sushi has burger month.  Each year I have been a part of it too.  I love burgers, but it is doubtful that anyone loves burgers more than the hubster. So every May when #Burgermonth comes around he is a happy camper.

When I came home the other day with the groceries to do some recipe testing, I told him he was in for a treat. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. I reminded him that May is #burgermonth and I had a few days to make an epic burger for my blog.


The burning question was, what would I make? The hubster didn’t care, as long as it was a burger.  I had been on a kind of Thai food kick and thought it would be fun to do something along those lines. That is when I came up with the Tasty Thai Burger.  This burger will blow your socks off! It is the eye rolling combination of creamy avacado along with the crunch of the broccoli slaw and the sweet salty combination of the sauce kind of oozes out and bastes the hamburger.


If that is not enough to get you salivating, then a few prizes certainly should.

The giveaways:

  • American Lamb – 5 lbs of ground lamb, an apron and a meat thermometer from ALB
  • Cabot 4 cheeseboxes
  • Certified Angus Beef® brand
  • Charbroil 4 grills
  • Cowboy Charcoal Samplers
  • Cuttingboard.com 4 cutting boards
  • Dreamfarm swag
  • GrillMasters Club Boxes

Tasty Thai Burger


4 Certified Angus Beef® brand patties
1 avocado mashed
1 tablespoon Sweet Thai Chili Sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
2 tablespoons honey
1 bag broccoli Slaw
4 potato roll buns


Cook beef patties over a medium grill 7 minutes per side. While cooking patties, combine avocado and Thai chili Sauce. Set aside. Combine soy, vinegar and honey. Add broccoli slaw to dressing. Set aside. a few minutes before burgers are done, put buns on the grill cut side down to toast. When patties are done put a even amount of avocado on the bottom of the bun. Add the pattie and then put an equal amount of Broccoli slaw on top of the pattie. Top with the bun and enjoy.

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Check back tomorrow and the end of the week for these bloggers burgers!

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