Orange Dreamsicle Dip

This is a refreshing light orange dip that reminds me of the orange push up ice cream I used to buy my daughter when she was little. 


The days have really gotten cold. Here in Virginia it went from summer to winter. There was no in between. With that said everyone looks to heat to keep warm, even the critters. I fear that I have a few mice in my house. Well, actually I know of one because I saw it. I think there may be more because I saw some droppings on the floor in the kitchen. I saw one a few days ago scurry from the pantry, into the broom closet. It slipped under the door. It was quick too.

In fact my hound Meeka was snoring next to me when it happened. She did not even notice. She is a hound is she not supposed to sniff these things out?

Anyway all this cold weather has made me long for good old summer time. This dip reminds me of summer and if I cant have summer well, this is the closest thing to it I can get right now.

It is easy quick and perfect for the Superbowl.


Orange Dreamsicle Dip


1 medium orange
1 container Greek yogurt (6-8 oz)
1 cup whipped topping
1 tablespoons confectionery sugar


In a medium bowl zest and juice a medium orange. Add yogurt, whipped topping and sugar. Refrigerate a few hours before serving with fruit.

Peace be with you,