The Manhattan

This is the perfect Manhattan, it has bourbon whiskey, bitters, vermouth and my homemade pickled cherries as a garnish.


I made some pickled Cherries. I am kind of on a pickling kick. I was thinking about some recipes I could use that would incorporate them.

I love Julia Childs recipes and she uses Vermouth. She cooked a lot with wine but sometimes she said to use Vermouth.  I have never made anything with Vermouth. I dont think I have ever tasted it. In fact I bought some Vermouth a few months ago and I am just now getting around to using it.

I can say now I have enjoyed Vermouth. I enjoyed it in a Manhattan and it is fantastic.

This drink is more of a sipper. It has whiskey it it and it is very strong for my taste, I know, I know, I am kind of a light weight when it comes to booze.

It was a very good drink.  I think  that my Pickled Cherries add to the deliciousness.


The Manhattan


1.5 oz Bourbon Whiskey
.5 oz Vermouth
2 dashes bitters
My Pickled Cherries (see link above)


Fill a short glass 2/3 full of ice add whiskey, vermouth and bitters. Stir to combine. Garnish with my pickled cherries.(see link above)

Peace be with you,