Plenti Packed Full of Goodness #landofplenti

While I was at my local Kroger I was in the refrigerator section and came across a new product. Yall know how much I love yogurt. Yoplait has come up with a new line of yogurts that has lots of healthy good stuff packed inside. I took a few of these little containers with me to work and set them in the refrigerator. Come 2 o’clock when those hunger pangs come calling instead of heading to the snack machine for yet another honey bun, I reached for my Plenti yogurt.


I love to eat yogurt, but, sometimes ordinary yogurt just doesn’t do the job.  Delicious, yes, but sometimes I want more.  I want to feel satisfied.  Plenti comes from a satisfied place.  We live in an abundant world shouldn’t our yogurt be abundant and satisfying too? Plenti does that and more.

Plenti is a yogurt like no other. It is  yogurt reinvented and made more plentiful, substantial and satisfying.

They started with Greek Yogurt and added just the right amount of  pumpkin seed, flax and whole grain oats, to make it wholesome and filling. They put more in it, so you can get more out of it.


I picked up a few containers  of Peach and Spiced Apple yogurt at my local Kroger Store and they have an assortment of flavors still available.

Plentí – Black Cherry
Plentí – Blueberry
Plentí – Coconut
Plentí – Peach
Plentí – Raspberry
Plentí – Spiced Apple
Plentí – Strawberry
Plentí – Vanilla

Peace be with you,



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