Easter Dinner

Today is Easter. It is the feast day of all Feast days. It is a time to celebrate and enjoy springs bounty. Here is what I am having for dinner.

baked brie

First off we will start with appetizers. I love this Baked Brie that my Sister-in-law Janet makes.


I also like to serve fresh Guacamole with Chips


I start my prep stuff three to four days early.  I brine my turkey for a few days before I bake it. Brined Turkey makes your bird moist and delicious.

Not to mention it makes the brownest crispiest skin.


I love to make these Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes . They do not require cooking on the stove top so it makes room for other things.


I know it is not much to look at, I also love to serve Macaroni and Cheese. Mine  is with a twist. I add smoked gouda to make it over the top good.


I also love to serve corn on the cobb. When it is in season it is so good and sweet. I try to get as much of it as I can. I then like to freeze it for later in the year.


Baked Beans are also a staple at my Easter Table. You cant go wrong with a big pot of beans warm on the stove.


I love to make my Parker Rolls and bake them in a Cast Iron skillet. It makes the bottom brown and crunch. The middle is melt in your mouth good. With a slather of butter I am in heaven. Not to mention the leftovers if any are great the next day slathered in jam.


We need something to wash all this down with so I have a drink for the kids as well as the adults. Living in Virginia you should have tea at least once a day. We love our sweet tea.  This is my version of a Arnold Palmer.


So for an adult version of something on Easter why not have a Shandy?

So there it is my line up for Easter Dinner. I hope you will incorporate some of my recipes in your Easter dinner.

Peace be with you ,