Slow Cooker Minty Delightfulls Hot Chocolate

Your slow cooker can work double duty for making hot drinks, and keeping them warm.  We turned Nestle Delightfulls with Mint into a warm and comforting Hot Chocolate. Simply omit the vodka to make it kid and office friendly.


At work we have may different holiday parties. We have three this week alone. With potlucks and other parties, people tend to bring cookies or sweets. No one really thinks about the drinks. That is when I came up with the idea of making some hot chocolate for our party. How great would it be to put everything in the slow cooker and let it do its thing? If you are having a cocktail party, perhaps a open house, put this on the counter and allow your guests to help themselves.

With all the hustle and bustle of the season wouldn’t it be nice to have one easy thing you can make?

So while I was at Walmart shopping, I came across the  Peanut Butter  and Caramel Delightfulls and thought about how great they would be in my chocolate chip cookies.   I made the cookies and they got rave reviews. I think my friends liked the peanut butter better than the regular chocolate chips.


I then got this sponsored post. I remembered the Mint Delightfulls and thought how good they would be in a hot chocolate. I hope your family enjoys this recipe as much as mine did.

Need more inspiration? Check out all the great recipes they have at Nestle Toll House Delightfulls.

Slow Cooker Minty Hot Chocolate


8 cups milk
1 can Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk
9 ounces Nestle Mint Delightfulls
1/4 cup peppermint vodka (optional)
Whipped cream for topping
Chopped delightfulls for garnish


In a 7 quart slow cooker combine the milk, sweetened condensed milk, delightfuls and vodka.
Cover and cook on high for at least 2 hours or until combined. Whisk vigorously an hour before serving to help melt the chocolate.
Turn slow cooker to warm when ready to serve. Set out whipped cream and chopped delightfulls as garnish.

Peace be with you,


This is a sponsored post. I get compensated for each click you give me. Even with that said I have for years used Nestle and would have purchased it anyway.