Jamaican Jerk Beef Kebabs


I was never very good at cooking rice. I do not know if I ever told you that. I have a rice cooker for that reason. I adore chicken and rice, but when I make it, lets just say it is lacking. My friend Christina’s mom makes the best chicken and rice. I mean the Spanish kind. She also makes Plantains. The first time I had plantains, she made them. I call them twice smashed Plantains. In case you were wondering they are the green looking banana things you find in the grocery store. They do not really taste like banana, well at least not to me anyway. They kind of taste like a potato. So when I was enjoying my chicken and rice I had my plantains with some ketchup to dip in it.

Flash forward to now, I am again using the plantain. This time not cooked the traditional way. This time I grilled it with some beef and Jerk seasonings. In case you were wondering, jerk is a Jamaican season blend used on beef, pork, chicken, lamb and fish. Traditionally jerk is a dry rub, but you can mix it with liquid and make a paste or marinade.  This can be a bit spicy just warning you that those scotch bonnet peppers can pack a lot of heat.