Fake Chicken Stuffed Shells


I have a new best friend.  I call it quasi chicken. Hey don’t judge. Coming up with meatless ideas during Lent can get a bit tricky. The hubbie doesn’t like this, or monkey girl doesn’t like that.

I did find something that they both agree on, these stuffed shells.  I personally think that if you put cheese on anything it makes it taste amazing! These shells are no exception.


Yes, I know it was kind of mean, not telling them that it was wheat protein instead of actual chicken. If they would have known about it ahead of time they would have been biased. They would never have tried it. Then I would be stuck with a big old pan of stuffed shells and no one willing to eat them. Sometimes I think it is best if I keep somethings to myself. I am a don’t ask don’t tell kind of gal. If they don’t ask, then I don’t tell.

It reminds me of the time I made brownies with black beans. After monkey girl tried them she thought they were good. When she found out they had black beans in them she wouldn’t touch them anymore.




Peace be with you,