Sauted Red Cabbage, Mushrooms, Pecans and Bacon


There are a few Saint Patrick’s day customs that are not really Irish and more American than anything. I don’t think the Irish will pinch you if you are not wearing green on Saint Patrick’s Day. We love to eat Corned Beef Cabbage and Potatoes and associated it with this holiday. It was in fact bacon that the Irish loved to cook with their cabbage.

After moving to the United States a lot of immigrants found bacon was to expensive to enjoy with their cabbage and began eating beef Brisket. They learned from the Jewish community that beef brisket, normally  a tough cut of meat,was melt in your mouth delicious when boiled or roasted for several hours.  It was also less expensive than bacon. They would then corn or salt cure it to preserve it even longer. That is where the term Corned Beef came from.

I will go with tradition and enjoy this Irish dish with the bacon instead. Although not traditional ingredients, I added pecans for crunch and mushrooms to make it even tastier.

Besides it seems a lot easier to make with bacon and I think the roles have reversed, it appears the Corned Beef is now more expensive than the bacon.





Peace be with you,