Homemade Mint Tea.

Mint has been known for centuries for its great taste and smell.
It has been known to settle many tummy aches.
Mint is so versatile it has been used for medicinal purposes as well as in many of our beloved recipes.
Mint contains menthol.
To be more specific, a polynutrient called perillyl alcohol.
We will just stick with calling it menthol.
It it is well known for soothing the digestive track.
Mint is used in so many ways.
Most notably in the making of tea.
I have a lot of it out back.
I keep it in a barrel to ensure it doesn’t run all over the place.
In fact, this winter was so mild, when I got the sniffles, I would drink a cup of hot tea and that would help clear up my stuffy nose.
Here is now I make my tea.
Why not take it a step further.
Dry your mint and put it into tea bags.
You can get all the information  at Evermine and some great ideas too.
They make a wonderful hostess gift.
Evermine has a blog with all kinds of  inspiration for do it yourself gifts, and you can make pumpkin spice tea also.
What a great way to use that extra mint you have.

Homemade Mint Tea


1/2 cup mint leaves

4 cups water

sugar or honey to taste


Boil four cups of water in a kettle.

Warm your teapot by adding hot water from the tap.
Allow it to warm your teapot until your kettle is boiling.
Empty your teapot and add your mint leaves.
Use a wooden spoon to muddle or bruise your mint leaves and release its oils.
Pour boiling water over your mint and clamp on the lid
Let steep 3-5 minutes. Pour into a mug.

Add sugar or honey to taste.

Peace be with you,