Raspberry Breakfast Parfait

How can you lead a positive and healthy life?

Through MIND, BODY and SOUL.

MIND We should choose to release our minds of negative thoughts. We need to let go of doubt and fear that control us and paralyze us.

BODY We need to treat our body like the temple that it is. Try to stay active and exercise everyday if we can. Relax and meditate if necessary. Try to keep stress to a minimum.

SOUL We need to have faith in God. Take time for yourself, try to practice balance in everyday life. Keep your heart open, practice things like forgiveness, patience, kindness and love.

If you are looking for healthy breakfast ideas look no further.

Raspberry Breakfast Parfait
1 pint Fage Greek Yogurt
4 tablespoons clover honey

1/2 cup Raspberries

2 tablespoons low fat granola
Pour the honey into the yogurt container and mix to combine.
Into glasses spoon raspberries, Fage yogurt and granola.

Repeat layering until all ingredients are used up.

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Peace be with you,