SRC and That Skinny Chick Really Can Bake!

Well, it is that time again.
This month I got That Skinny Chick Can Bake.
Boy let me tell you, that skinny chick can bake!
I decided to make her Corn Muffins.
She got the recipe from Ina Garten.  You know, The Barefoot Contessa.
I love that!
Here are a few things you may not know about Lizzy, or me either.
Did you know her dog Lambeau is as loved as my hound Meeka, and probably just as spoiled?

Also, we both have daughters, hers is nearly 20, mine is almost 15. 
They both are kind hearted animal lovers.
So, about the corn muffins, I made a few changes.
Not in the recipe.
That was awesome!
Just in how I baked them.
This is what I did.

Here is some tricks on getting your muffins to rise up high.

If you can get a professional muffin pan, do so. It really is worth the investment. I purchased mine from William Sonoma it really makes a difference.
Try and make a rather thick batter just like Lizzy did. Runny batter really doesn’t work here.
Fill up those muffin tins! Most recipes tell you to fill your tins half to 2/3 full. My way yields one or two less muffins, but you have to get the batter from somewhere.
Remember to fill those empty muffin tins with water so your pan doesn’t scorch.
Turn up the heat, I started my oven at 425. That sets the steam and gives them that quick rise they need. After 5-6 minutes in the oven, turn your heat back to 325. Remember, you don’t want them to burn.
Make sure your baking powder or baking soda is fresh. There is nothing worse than making muffins and they dont rise because your leavening agents were old or expired.
Last but not least, try to set your pans in the upper third of your oven. It appears to be where the heat is most constant.

So, this is one of those times, I don’t mind having a muffin top! Ba dum bum!

So, if you want to join in on the fun that is the Secret Recipe Club, contact Amanda.
She will give you all the information you need.
Peace be with you,