Meatloaf, an orphaned blogger and SRC

We have a poor orphaned blogger that wasn’t included in the Secret Recipe Club for this month. It is Connors Cooking. Now I am not sure if you know this, but last month I got her for Secret Recipe Club and made her delicious Banana Split Parfait.
Today some of our fellow bloggers are excited to do a surprise to the Surprise Recipe Club. Because poor
Connors Cooking was not included, a few bloggers went ahead and with Amanda’s blessing did a quick post on her. I decided to do her Souped up Meatloaf.
 I know some of y’all are not meatloaf eaters, but this was flavorful and not at all dry. In fact, she did it in the crock pot, so you don’t have to heat up your house to enjoy it. With the hot days of summer I am sure we all could appreciate keeping our house cool, by using the crock pot instead of our oven.  Not to mention the convenience of letting the crock pot do its thing.  
So if you get a chance visit her cute little blog, and if you get a chance make her delicious meatloaf.
Peace be with you,