Banana Split Parfaits

OK, this isn’t exactly a Banana Split Parfait.
No, there are not any blueberries in a Banana Split.
It is kind of a long story.
So, this is how it started.
I joined the Secret Recipe Club

What is the Secret Recipe Club you ask?
Well visit the website and find out.
Go ahead, just don’t forget to come back.
Just remember, you have to keep a secret, only for a little while.
 I got Connors Cooking and I decided to make Banana Split Parfaits.
I added blueberries to the recipe.
That is why they don’t look like Banana split parfaits anymore.
Maybe I should have called mine breakfast parfaits.
Oh well.

This was really fun!
Imagine if a friend of yours was having a dinner party.

What if she sat you next to someone really interesting like

 Connors Cooking.

I think it is a really nifty food blog.

I don’t think I would have had the opportunity to visit, if it was not for Amanda and the Secret Recipe Club.

So there you have it!
 If you want to join in on the fun contact Amanda.
She will give you all the information you need.
Peace be with you,