Forever Nigella and Shrimp Cocktail

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I love Nigella Lawson.
Have I ever mentioned that?
 From the first time I saw her on Nigella Bites, I know I was going to love her cooking.
She is very laid back in her cooking style, I like that.
If there is a quick and easy way of making something, she is going to show you.
So, when I came across this blogging event about Nigella, I had to get involved.
This months Nigella theme is seafood and fish.
Our lovely host is Kat at Housewife Confidential. She will tell you about the guidelines and such, if you want to join in on this blogging event.
There are so many Nigella recipes that I love to make. My favorite of her cookbooks is Feast. In fact, I have used Feast so much my book is starting to fall apart.
See now, I am getting side tracked just thinking about it.
 I need to concentrate on the task at hand.
I decided to make the Shrimp Cocktail with Marie Rose sauce. (a great lent recipe by the way) I couldn’t find the recipe on the Internet. You can find the recipe in her Feast cookbook on page 424.
One of my favorite recipes St. Tropez Chicken is located on the following page.
Just saying.
 I did however find an explanation as to what a Marie Rose Sauce really is. It is not really that hard to make shrimp cocktail. I think the Marie Rose sauce is something different than the other cocktail sauces we normally use. At least in America anyway. It is something a little bit out of the ordinary.
Delicious in fact.
Here is a link for the June Forever Nigella, just in case you want to join in on all the fun!
Peace be with you,