My Cooking is owed in large part to the ever-changing seasons.  I love being inspired by the Liturgical year. Whenever I am inspired to cook for a saint, I am using fruits and vegetables that are in season and at the peak of their flavor. I can’t think of any better way to cook.

Cooking keeps my creative juices flowing. I want to explore food that is not only nourishing, but all-consuming.

It still amazes me how a few ingredients can be turned into a meal that can rekindle a memory, express love, or in the least, set the stage for a wonderful gathering.

Each of these dishes have a story to tell, it is here that I want to share those stories with you.

My Daughters Legacy

They call themselves Team 3rd Generation and they have been walking together to find the cure for breast cancer for over 15 years. Four of them make up 3 Generations of breast cancer survivors. Mary, Dorothy, Janet and Jill have a combined 75 years of survivorship. Jill, my niece started her battle at the tender age of 25. We are a family struck by genetic breast cancer. We dream of creating a world free of breast cancer so that our daughters and granddaughters do not ever have to hear the words “you have breast cancer”.

My daughter decided she wanted to get tested just shy of her 18th birthday, can you believe she is 21 now? She was tested positive for the genetic breast cancer gene BRACAI. At first I was devastated. As time went on and things began to sink in, I realized it was a blessing in disguise. We know what to expect and we can battle this head on if necessary.  She gets an MRI and mammogram every six months. A wise woman once said, “prepare for the worst, but expect the best.” We now know that early detection is key to surviving this. We are continually moving forward.

Other Note Worthy Stuff

I love to enter recipe contests. With the blog though, I have not been entering them as often as I could. Here are some recipes and some guest posts that I am very proud of. I am generally an introvert and this blog has allowed me to make some really good friends along the way.

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Here are two cookbooks that feature my recipes.

You can find my Arabian-Spiced-Nuts  on page 131.

You can find my Cranberry-Focaccia on page 111.

How about photography? Here are a few photos I am proud of.