Cowboy Candy

These Pickled Jalapenos also known as Cowboy candy are the perfect pairing of sweet and heat.

I was wondering what to do with the pounds and pounds of Jalapenos I have in my garden.

I was also wondering what I was going to make this month for the food in jars Mystery Challenge The month of July is all about hot packing. Marissa from Food in Jars  tells you all about it. You can also go to her website if you are interested in the challenges each month.

I have several friends who were taking about these candied Jalapenos and wondered if I could make my own. So I went on line and boy did I find a bunch of recipes for them.

I need to warn you, if you are going to make this you should wear gloves. Also the steam from these while they are cooking may irritate your lungs. So be advised to take precautions.

I made a video on how I made them and you can watch it below.

Peace be with you,