Chocolate Dipped Madelines

These rich and buttery Madeline cookies have a unique orange flavor and are dipped in chocolate. Perfect for Saint Mary Magdalene’s feast day.


Well, you got me! Technically, the recipe for these delicious cookies only goes back to the mid nineteenth century and has absolutely nothing to do with Mary Magdalene other than the name.

Madeline is a french form of Magdalene. Mary Magdalene who was a disciple of Christ is mentioned in all four gospels. She was the first witness to the resurrection of Jesus.

She stood by Mary’s side that brutal Good Friday and watched in horror as Jesus was crucified.

In the beginning she was a prostitute, a woman of the streets, that is until she heard Jesus speak and it changed her life for ever.

She went with the women to the tomb and it was there, in the garden Jesus appeared to her. She then went to tell the Apostles what happened and they came to see for them selves that Jesus was resurrected.

These sweet delicious cookies that bears the same name as Mary Magdalene are baked in her honor.



Peace be with you,