Vanilla Caramels

These chewy caramels are melt in your mouth fabulous! 

Have you ever had one of those recipes that makes you look like you actually know what you are doing in the kitchen?
This is one of those recipes.
I had decided that candy thermometer of mine was not to intimidate me any longer.
I was bound and determined to feel totally comfortable cooking with it.
The only way to do that is to actually use it.
That is when my quest for the perfect caramel began.
So after doing some research, I used a recipe by David Lebovitz. You can get the recipe here.
I brought the caramels to work, to find out what my panel of taste testers thought of it.
While it was quite good, we all wanted something not as hard, a little softer.
So I tried a Barefoot Contessa recipe. You can get the recipe here.
Please don’t go out and buy that expensive French Fleur de Sel salt.
I used kosher salt and it was fine.
The problem with Ina’s recipe is that, I didn’t cook it long enough.
It ended up way to soft.
I think my candy thermometer was off.
I calibrated it by putting it in a pot of boiling water.
If your thermometer reads 212 (boiling point of water) then you are good.
Mine was off by five degrees.
On this batch I adjusted my five degrees and it turned out perfect.
So repeat after me.
If you want a chewy caramel you must cook it to 250 degrees.
Fahrenheit y’all, Fahrenheit.
Let me repeat this again, if you want a chewy caramel you must cook it to 250 degrees.
No more or no less.
If you cook it less, it wont set up.
If you cook it more, you will crack a tooth.
Look on the bright side, at least your dentist will love you.

Peace be with you,