Golden Magi Bread

Today is the day that the Magi (wise men) visited Jesus. This golden colored bread with this rich exotic ginger reminds me of the gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh the Magi gave to Jesus.

Today is the Feast of The Epiphany also known as the Feast of Kings, Twelfth Night or the last day of Christmas. This feast not only celebrates the birth of the Christ child, but also the visit of the Magi (wise men). There are many wonderful customs to celebrate this feast. One such custom is to put a coin in the cake before or after baking. The child who gets the coin is then king or queen for the rest of the day. Another is to give the gift of the Magi bread. This golden colored bread with its rich, exotic ginger flavor, is different than the usual fruit cake loaf usually served. This bread reminds me of the gifts of gold, frankincense and Myrrh that the three Magi gave to Jesus.

Peace be with you,