Saint Catherine and Pecan Lace Cookies

These delicate yet elegant lace cookies look hard to make. Only you and I need to know how easy they are to make. The real trick to baking these crisp wafer-thin drop cookie is is a good nonstick baking mat.


What better way to enjoy St Catherine of Alexandria than to enjoy these lace cookies. After all she is the guardian of lace makers and spinners.

Saint Catherine always devoted herself to knowledge. In fact at the age of 18 , seeing how the Christians were being tortured, she went to Emperor Maximin and tried to convince him why the Christian faith was needed in order to be saved. The Emperor was astonished by her wisdom. He kept her confined and ordered philosophers and promised them all kinds of rewards if they could turn her from Christ.


None of the philosophers were successful. in fact she converted all of them to Christianity.
The Emperor then attempted to win her by flattery and promises. His efforts fell upon deaf ears.

Catherine was tortured many times at the hands of the Emperor, yet her Christian faith never wavered.

Finally on November 25th in the year 307 she was beheaded.


Peace be with you,