Poppy Seed Chicken

Poppy Seed Chicken is a creamy, easy to make, crowd-pleaser that can feed the masses. Did I mention it also freezes well?


Some family members thought we should rename this dish Dead Chicken. Mostly because my mother-in-law made this a lot when she was on the Bereavement Committee at Saint Pius Church.  Whenever someone lost a love one, sometimes she would bring them food to comfort them in their time of need. For her this was economical and comforting. I will have to agree with her on this one.  I am typically not a casserole girl, but this one is so good and comforting everyone will love it!

It made no difference if they had a baby, or had a operation. A home cooked meal often lifted their spirits. Often with our church, we would get a few women together and one would bring the main, one would bring a side, and perhaps one would bring dessert. If you couldn’t boil water, you would be asked to bring the cutlery and plates, or perhaps drinks. I usually put my food in some sort of disposable pan, such as aluminum foil. They do not have to clean it, just toss it in the trash when they are done. Easy peasy.

If you decide you want to help someone in need please make sure you check and see if they have allergies. Also try to make everything as disposable as you can.


Peace be with you,