Hot Cross Buns

Today is the the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross.

These buns are not only enjoyed as an Easter treat, we can now enjoy them all year long.

The cross shape on these buns reminds us of the feast.

Did you know these buns are also a symbol of friendship?

There is an British custom that if you share one of these buns with a friend, you will remain friends forever. Infact, there is this saying that goes with them.

Half for you and half for me,

Between us shall goodwill be.

Now be forwarned these are not exactly the traditional way these were made.

Usually they are made with currants. I didnt have them so I used chocolate chips. I also added a few other things that are not traditionally in a hot cross bun.

I hope you like my version of them and make them a annual treat.

Peace be with you,