Grape Cocktail

Delicious red and green grapes makes this cocktail phenomenal!


Normally on hot summer days my go to drink is a vodka lemonade with some mint. It is very light and refreshing and perfect on a hot day. Flash forward and now we are in the middle of winter. I have in past enjoyed a cider drink and while it was good, I was looking for another go to easy cocktail to enjoy. I made this on New Years eve and it was pretty phenomenal. No need to sit there and make drink after drink just mix it all in a pitcher and put it in the fridge. When ever you want a drink, just pour one.

Yeah that easy of a cocktail sure can cause problems, one being it is very easy access. If you have to assemble each then you tend to think twice about making another drink. the second is the hangover. Drinking to much does tend to do that to you.

Now I am off to find a home remedy for a hangover.


Peace be with you,