Fresh Fig Tart

This tart celebrates the simple sweet perfection of Autumns favorite fruit combined with a classic cannoli cream.


I am the luckiest girl in the world when it comes to figs. I love them and I can have my fill because I have my fig hookup. My friend Lisa has a 40 year old fig tree that has a boatload of figs each year. So much that I brought a ladder the last time to get the ones a bit higher up. I am glad I did not use that ladder. There were figs on the ground and stepping on them made my shoes sticky and very slick. Slick shoes and ladders do not mix.

Some of the figs higher up ended up going to the birds. It is perfectly fine, I do not mind sharing at all. At the end of the week there were also bees. I guess they also like figs. Some of my figs ended up in my fig jam, I also wrapped a few in bacon and roasted them, I then put some in some cornbread. But my absolute favorite is my fig bars.  Some of my figs ended up in the freezer also. I will let you know how that one goes. I am thinking I may put the frozen ones in a cake or something.

Anyway, you should try this tart, it is pretty easy to make and that cannoli filling is fabulous!


Peace be with you,