Spanish Shrimp Kabobs


I miss my old house sometimes.

When the Hubster and I first got married we lived in a twin home. I loved my old house. It was small so it was very easy to clean. We lived in the middle of a cul de sac, so not a lot of traffic going on. The first couple of years it was great! I loved my neighbors and we kind of looked out for each other. There are two neighbors that I could say I will always smile and think fondly of.

Other neighbors, not so much.

My neighbor Kim was the best! My fondest memory of her was when we had a hurricane come through my town that year it was one of many. I really cant remember which one it was, but it knocked power out for several days. The day after the hurricane she came to my house and invited me for a cup of coffee. She introduced me to Sterno.

She made me the best cup of instant coffee  I ever had in my entire life.

Her husband Tim also makes a mean potato salad. Perhaps more on that in another post, if I can convince him to give us the recipe.

But I digress.

Every so often when we had time, we all would enjoy coffee. Sometimes at her house, sometimes at our other neighbor Carmen, who was Spanish and sometimes at my house. We carried on the tradition of enjoying coffee until she moved to Pennsylvania.

This recipe is inspired  Carmen, who still lives in the old hood.


Peace be with you,