Roasted Sweet Potato Salad


There is this restaurant near my house called Lemongrass Grill. They make the freshest food.  It kind of like a oriental Subway, except instead of using subs, they use bowls. Rice bowls that is.

You pick your protein such as chicken, tofu, beef  and other stuff.  Then you build on that, by adding rice, sesame broccoli, Bok Choy and other veggies.  For one of the sides they have this sweet potato dish.

Oh my goodness it is the best thing ever.

I went on a quest to recreate that dish. I think I have with this potato salad.

Well some purists may say that this is not a potato salad.

Where is the mayo?

I made this vinaigrette with olive oil, lemon and a bit of honey to sweeten it. I also poured the vinaigrette over the potatoes while they were warm, to soak up all that goodness. The result was this fabulous unique fresh taste.


I kind of over cooked my sweet potato, just a bit mind you. Just like white potato salad I like to mix the dickens out of it until some of the potatoes are actually mashed into the dish. It makes it creamy like that.

I am not sure if that last sentence made sense.

If you want a less creamy dish then cook yours less time.

No gloppy mayo in this dish either. So if you want to be a rebel, a nonconformist, bring this potato salad to your next shindig and see what the neighbors say. If they are anything like mine, they will be calling the next day asking for that sweet potato recipe.


Peace be with you,