Lemon Bars


I was never fond of Lemons. They kind of made me pucker. So if there was something other than a lemon type of dessert available  I would almost always go for that.

Until now.

It all started with a jelly donut. The hubster bought two donuts that day. My usual apple filled donut and his lemon filled one.  I reached into the bag after he got into the car and took a big ol bite of what I thought was my donut. I got a pleasant surprise. The burst of lemon make me go ooooooh. Hubster looks at me and smiles. This begins my love of all things Lemon custardy.


These Lemon Bars remind me of the Donut. Just like the donut, this is not the pucker lemon that I am not fond of. This is a sweet kind of tart in a really good lemony way. It is the kind that when you are done eating it, you are licking your fingers. You want another one, and then another one. Before you know it the whole pan is gone and you were wishing for more. Well, I did not eat the whole pan, but it was gone by the end of the day. So between the Hubster and Monkey Girl these Lemon Bars didn’t have a chance.


Would you like to see how I actually made them? Check out the video I made to show you how.

Peace be with you,