Barbecue Roasted Salmon


Finally, the weather is getting warmer. I really was beginning to wonder about the cold this year. You see, I live along the Virginia coast and although it gets cold, it rarely snows. Until this year that is.

I have for sometime been wishing for warmer weather and it has been delivered. We have had a whole week of temps no lower than 60 degrees. Everything is now in bloom and it feels like everything is right with the world, or so I thought.

Now  instead of the sniffles from a cold, hubster and Monkey Girl are sniffling because of allergies. It has been so bad for my Monkey that she told me last night she woke herself up snoring because she was breathing through her mouth. She has taken almost every over the counter drug you can think of, none work for her.

SO instead of sending my poor hubster outside to grill this salmon, I actually did it in the oven.  I had resolved after joining Weight Watchers to eat more fish. If you did the same thing, have I got a recipe for you.  This unusual recipe has sweet brown sugar with cinnamon and Chili powder. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family did. Minus the outdoor grilling.



Peace be with you,