Beef and Guinness Pot Pie

007 I have been on a Guinness kick lately. Trying to come up with some wonderful recipes for Saint Patrick’s day.

This pie is so full of flavor and so hearty to eat, you probably would get a couple of meals out of it. I had a couple of cans of Guinness and really enjoyed making this pie. Mostly I had lots of reasons to partake in a glass or two. This recipe only calls for a cup of Guinness. I sure didn’t want the rest of the can to go to waste, so I had to pour it into a glass and enjoy it. I also had to drink something while I was eating my pie.  I had to made sure they tasted well together. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

You could if you wanted to make individual pies for everyone, but I love to just delve out a bit on plates and serve it with a salad. This is what I call real comfort food. It is hearty on a cold day and lets face it, this winter has been bitterly cold almost everywhere.

Lets enjoy this while we wait for spring, shall we?


I think you could also freeze this. I would make a double batch of the meat and freeze it. Thaw it a day before you want to make this pie. I wouldn’t prepare the crust until you are ready to bake it.  You could have this on your table in 30-40 minutes of you prepare ahead of time. This is great for those times when we have so much to do and want to put a hearty dinner on the table.


Peace be with you, Veronica