Egg Salad


I love egg salad. It is pretty easy to make to. It is also very versatile.

Did I mention I am doing Weight Watchers? It has only been two weeks and it appears I have lost almost 6 pounds. My husband on the other hand has lost almost 15. How did that happen? Anyway this recipe I modified to work with Weight Watchers.  The biscuit is the only thing that I wouldnt use for my sandwich. Monkey Girl wanted the biscuit instead of the Sandwich thins I normally use.  I am really digging on Greek Yogurt. It is really creamy and very good for you. I bought a big tub of it and I am planning ways to incorporate it into my cooking.

I could just spoon this into my mouth without any bread at all. It has a tang to it that mayonnaise does not have.  So the next time you are reaching for the mayo to make your egg salad, why not try Greek Yogurt?




Peace be with you,