Deviled Ham


Back in the day my mom had this hand cranked grinder. It was attached to the side of the table and you put a big bowl under it to catch everything. At the top there was a chute that you would put the meat in, crank the handle and grind it. This is how she made her deviled ham. Except her deviled ham was not so devilish. She didn’t really put anything spicy in it.

Come to think of it, I don’t think my mom combined anything with the ham except mayo. My father loved it with a slice of onion on bread. For me that seemed to be way to much onion, but he loved it.

Thank goodness I have a food processor to grind up food now. That thing was a pain in the butt to clean. You had to take it apart and we used a baby bottle brush to get deep inside it.  You also had to make sure you dried it really good or the stuff would rust if you didn’t.

So those are my first memories of eating Deviled Ham. With everything I said, you would think that I would not want to make it anymore.

Gosh it sure seemed like a pain to make, didn’t it?

I do love it though, maybe because it is not that hard to make now.

I do however, have a different recipe than my moms.

Perhaps that makes a difference too…


Peace be with you,