Winter Squash Soup


I am very fond of the wonderful vegetables offered in the winter. I love all squashes. Most notably this winter squash soup is chock full of squash and other vegetables, yet it is so creamy and delicious you can hardly tell it is good for you.

Smiles sheepishly.

Yes I said it, it is good for you. But most importantly it tastes really good.

Not to mention that the recipe is pretty easy. Just roast and puree in the food processor or blender.

If you use 2% milk instead of cream you can make it really healthy. I was also going to say you could use skim milk, but for a moment there, I think I may have lost my mind.

I don’t drink skim milk, I understand that it is an acquired taste. No thinks, 2% is the lowest I will go. If you like skim, then knock yourself out. Me, I will stick with my 2%

Just saying.

Did I mention that it is vegetarian?

I sure have enjoyed my cookies and candies this season and the notch in my tightening belt will agree. Here is something a bit different, you may enjoy other than  all the not so healthy cookies and candies enjoyed thus far.


I used my trusty food processor, but a blender will also do  nicely.



Peace be with you,