St Louis Country Style Ribs


Usually when I make country style ribs I make them in the slow cooker. I use an Asian style  sauce and cut it with some water so it doesn’t burn.  To be honest, I think the hubster is getting a bit tired of that. So, on my day off, I made them in the oven.

These smelled so good while they were cooking in the oven. I was puttering around, taking pictures for the blog, washing dishes and smelling this was soexcruciating, I could hardly stand it.

I have never had a St Louis sauce before, this one is fantastic. Generally when I have ribs, I use my ketchup based barbecue sauce or a store bought brand.  So when I noticed the recipe had tomatoes, I was a bit skeptical. One taste however and all skepticism went out the window! This was such a flavorful recipe anyone can make. This is a do again recipe for sure.

The hubster loved it, even though he is not a ribs fan like I am. Don’t get me wrong he likes ribs, just not as much as I do.

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Peace be with you,