Fake Chicken and Snow Pea Stir-fry


Monkey girl last week decided she wanted to be a vegetarian   She watched this documentary called Food Inc. So we bought some vegetarian items from the grocery store.  This lasted maybe a week. As we are going into Target the smell of chick-fil-a waifs past us. Monkey Girl decides she wants some chicken nuggets. So that went her week of vegetarianism. So what to do with the supposed to taste like chicken soy protein? I made it into a stir fry with snap peas. It was pretty good and perfect for Friday with it being Lent and all.


The night I made this, Monkey girl was spending the night over a friends house so the Hubster and I enjoyed this.  We decided it was a keeper and we would definitely enjoy this again.  Although I adore snow peas, I think this would be great with other vegetables. I think next time I will make it with maybe broccoli. I also thought about making a fake chicken cashew dish. The possibilities are endless.



Peace be with you,