Mushroom Stroganoff

Can you guys believe that Lent is almost here? I am brainstorming about some recipes to make for lent, then it occurred to me.
I have a Beef Stroganoff recipe that I have had forever. It is my go to recipe when I feel like some comfort food.
I decided to make it more Lent friendly by removing the beef and substituting mushroom.
Well, Yummly liked the recipe so much that they are featuring it today, so go check out their site Mushroom Stroganoff
When I first sent them my recipe, Shelley suggested that I remove the Worcestershire sauce. She told me that it was not vegetarian friendly. After reading her e-mail I read the ingredients.
Did you know Worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it?
Yup it is full of hairy fish.
I had no idea. So I changed the Worcestershire sauce to soy sauce and then it became a vegetarian approved recipe.  Check it out Mushroom Stroganoff  I hope you like it.

Peace be with you,