Apple Coffee Cake

0071-e1356640790538I know I have been posting a lot of baking recipes. I am not much of a baker, at least I didn’t think so. I am really not into the measuring. I have had one to many disasters in the kitchen to know that it has to be done and precisely so. That is, if you want a perfect product when you are finished. At the time, I was going to go out and buy a cake. It seemed so much simpler with all the hustle and bustle, of the holiday season. Why make more work for yourself? Besides, I still had a bazillion presents that still needed to be wrapped. I ended up procrastinating and by the time I got to the bakery, they were closed. So, when one door closes, another one opens. There was a reason why I made this cake. I was so stressed. When I got into the kitchen and started peeling and mixing, it felt very therapeutic. The stress began to lift and I realized, it really is not that much extra work and it makes your house smell amazing!  This cake was made to help feed the many hungry family members who came visiting during Christmas, but it ended up doing so much more than that. There were leftovers after we munched on it at brunch, it was equally delicious with coffee the next afternoon.




Peace be with you,