Honey Brined Black Pot Turkey

I said it before and I will say it again, brining adds moisture and flavor and keeps your bird from drying out.

You do want to make sure your turkey is perfect don’t you?

Especially if you have a lot of guest expected.

To brine a turkey right, you must start a day before.

Actually, if you are purchasing a frozen turkey, depending on the size, you may need 3-4 days just to defrost it.

The other thing is make sure you thoroughly rinse all the salty brine off. This keeps the bird from being to salty.

I added honey to the brine to add a bit of sweetness and it also browns the skin perfectly when roasted.

So I do hope for this thanksgiving you decide to brine your turkey.

I think you will like it so much, you may just make it into a annual tradition.

Peace be with you,