Pimento Cheese Tea Sandwiches

It is pronounced [PUH-MEN-UH] here in Virginia.

Yes, I am talking about pimento cheese.

You can find it on just about any table here in the south and made just about any way.

It could easily be seen packed in the hubsters lunch nestled between two slices of bread.

I have been known to put this delicious and addictive spread on crackers as an afternoon snack.

For today, this spread is all dolled up in a tea sandwich ready to be served at any wedding or baby shower you host or help host.

Anyway you look at it pimento spread is as versatile as it gets.

It is also no bake, which means you don’t heat up the house.

Who wouldn’t love that on these hot dog days of summer?

You say you are not a fan of pimento cheese spread?

I am not talking about that awful neon orange stuff you get in a tub from the grocery store.

I am talking about the real deal.

Made from scratch pimento cheese spread.

I am going to show you how to make it.

What a great way to enjoy National Sandwich Month.

Peace be with you,