7-UP Pound Cake

I have been recipe testing again.
I am working on a few loaf recipes that I can give away year round.
I was looking for ingredients that are easy to find and you can get from your grocery any time.

I love pound cake but didn’t want the usual kind, you know plain vanilla.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its place, I just wanted something different.

I wanted to add a bit of punch to it.

Why not make it more citrus by adding lemon?

Not to much lemon though.

I don’t like it when I have to pucker while I am eating it.

Cooking with 7 UP is pretty cool too, I don’t use that as an ingredient very often.

This is great for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up with coffee.

The Hubster is at work, so he cant be my taste tester this time.

Monkey girl turned her nose up at this one.

Its hit or miss with her.


So lets see, who should I invite over for coffee?

Would you be my taste tester?

Peace be with you,