These fabulous Spanish Tapas were Europe’s first Kabobs. They were brought over by the Arabs from Africa. The Saffron and Smoked paprika make them over the top delicious!

There is not a bar in Spain that does not serve these delicious morsels as a tapa.My friend Carmen makes these with chicken, pork and beef.All are very good, but I would have to say my favorite is pork.The spices to make Pinchitos are sold all over Spain, however, it is harder to find this spice packets here in the United States.My favorite are the ones with safron in the ingredients.To me they have the most flavor.My least favorite are the ones with curry powder, it is a spice a lot less expensive than safron.Perhaps that is why some use it, to save money.So if you find a spice packet for pinchitos, try it.If not, you can blend your own spices and make your own authenitc Pinchitos at home.

Peace be with you,