Rustic Apple Galette

Here lately my days are running together.

It is getting closer to the end of the school year. Can you believe my little Monkey Girl will finish up the 9th grade in a few weeks.

So when I got the opportunity to get into the kitchen with her, I jumped at the chance. This time I told her we could make whatever she wanted.

Her choice, rustic apple galette.

It is like a free form apple pie, without a top.

It always seems like the big events like finishing 9th grade, happen among all the everyday got to do things of our lives. A wise woman once said that if you wait to have a baby when you can afford it, you will have no children.

I found myself for the longest time living in the little kid years, only to be recently jarred awake to find that I am now the parent of a teenager.

My friend Lisa has a saying, “Life happens while you are making other plans.”

Nothing resonates to me more right now than that.

I have to make meatballs for Cathy Petrusky’s retirement party and weed my vegetable garden and plant more flowers in containers for my yard before I return to work on Monday morning. I will have more opportunity to blog, usually at the spur of the moment.

In the meantime, I know I cant stop her from growing up, I do plan on enjoying these little moments as much as I can.


Peace be with you,